“Windows 98” Registry Files


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Documents (General Information)

RegFile,support.m$.htm   (HTML file) about the “Registry File”,   by support.microsoft.com
registry,TechRepublic.pdf   (PDF file) introduction to the registry,   by TechRepublic.com
Registry,WinGuides.htm   (HTML file) website about the Registry,   by WinGuides.com
REGSVR32,PestPatrol.txt   (text file) about “REGSVR32.exe”,   by PestPatrol.com
ScanReg-Compr&RegClean,HelpWithWindows.htm   (HTML file) about “ScanReg.exe” - Compress & “RegClean”,   by HelpWithWindows.com
ScanReg-Custom,HelpWithWindows.htm   (HTML file) about ScanReg.exe” - Customize,   by HelpWithWindows.com
WindowsRegistry-Accessing,FreeWeb.hu.htm   (HTML file) “Windows Registry” - Accessing,   by FreeWeb.hu
WSH2-DevGuide,GBorn.zip   (ZIP file) all about “Windows Scripting Host 2”, by G. Born, DevGuide.com
IE-Data,FKiechel.htm   (HTML file) various Internet Explorer - Data registry entries, by F. Kiechel
RegEdit-Basics,SS64.htm   (HTML file) “RegEdit” - Basics,   by SS64.com (?)
Req_Files,FreeWareWeb.htm   (HTML file) Required Files,   by FreeWareWeb.com
Dir,File,Folder.reg.txt   (text file) Directory, File, & Folder registry entries (as exported from the registry)

[ NOTE:  don’t just “Click” on any file listed below -- unless you wish to add its information to your Computer’s “Windows” Registry, or (if it’s a ’Script“ file) ’run“ it. ]

“Windows” Registry “import” files   (“.reg”)

AlexaExtn-Kill.reg all registry “Alexa” Extensions (“spyware”) - Kills them all
ANY-EditWinword6.reg adds the option to explorer’s “context menu” (“right click” on file)
– for ANY file – which allows you to Edit it with “Winword 6”
ANY-EditWordPad.reg adds the option to explorer’s “context menu” (“right click” on file)
– for ANY file – which allows you to Edit it with “WordPad”
ANY-OpenIE.reg adds the option to explorer’s “context menu” (“right click” on file)
– for ANY file – which allows you to Open it with “Internet Explorer”
BAS_File.reg registers “Basic” files (“*.bas” ) for windows “QuickBasic” (QBasic.exe)
C++_File.reg registers “C++” files   (“*.cpp” ) for “Turbo C++”
Cert&SignOff.reg sets “Internet Explorer” properties: Certificates & Signatures “OFF”
CertsOff.reg sets “Internet Explorer” properties: Certificates “OFF”
DLL-AlwaysUnload,TweakMgr.reg DLL’s - sets explorer to Always Unload them from memory,   by TweakManager - febooti.com
DLL-AlwaysUnload-OFF.reg DLL’s - sets “Always Unload” (from memory) OFF
Exe-SignatureOFF.reg sets “Internet Explorer” properties: “Exec. files - Signature” OFF
Expl-AttrCol-ON.reg sets “Explorer” properties: “Attributes Column” - ON
Expl-AttrCol.reg creates for “Explorer”: an “Attributes” Column
Expl-VolsPropSht(Nero).reg creates for “Explorer”: a “Nero Express”-type “Volumes Property Sheet”
ExplMenu-OpenNewWin.reg adds the option to Explorer’s “context Menu” (“right click” on file/folder)
– which allows you to Open it as a New Window
Favorites-Add-XMenu.reg Internet Explorer: “Favorites” - Add eXtended Menu
IE-ViewSourceEditor-WordPad.reg Internet Explorer: sets “View Source” Editor to “WordPad”
IPages-OpenAsHTML.reg sets other Internet Pages (.asp, .cfm, .psp, etc.) to Open As a HTML file
LocalMachineNAVIGATE.reg sets (allows) Local Machine to Navigate
LocalNtwk.reg registers a Local Network
MsInstaller(MsI.exe)Un-.reg Un-registers “MsInstaller” (MsInstaller.exe)
MsInstaller-Un.reg Un-registers “MsInstaller” (MsInstaller.exe)
ProcessExplorer-MyCols.reg “Process Explorer” - sets “My Columns”
PublisherCertRevo-Check.reg sets “Publisher Certificate Revocation” - “Check“ (“ON“)
RecentDocs-ClearOnExit.reg sets Recent Documents to Clear On Exit
RecentDocsHistory-NO.reg sets Recent Documents History - NO   (don’t create)
RecycleBin-Rename.reg “Recycle Bin” - allows Rename
RTF_File-OpenWordpad.reg sets “.RTF” files to Open with “Wordpad”
StartMenuScrollPrograms,Annoy.o.reg sets “Start Menu” to Scroll Programs,   by Annoyances.org
SWF-Uninstall.reg “Shockwave Flash” - Uninstalls
Sys_Mon-My.reg “System Monitor” - imports My columns setup
TimeIntl.reg sets “Time” display to “International”
UNK_File-OpenNotepad.reg sets an “Unknown File” to Open with “Notepad”
W98-UnIntegrate.reg “Windows 98” - “Un-Integrate”s

/2ary   (folder)

BMP-OpenWithIE.reg sets Bitmap files (“*.bmp)” to Open with “Internet Explorer”
ContigFileAllocSize.reg sets Contiguous File - Allocate Size
ControlSet2-Reboot.reg sets Control Set 2 - Reboot
CpuPriority-Hi.reg sets CPU Priority to “Hi”
CpuPriority-Max.reg sets CPU Priority to “Max”
CpuPriority-Std.reg sets CPU Priority to “Standard”
FindFaster.reg sets “Find Faster”   (post-Win98)
IE-DsoExploit.reg fixes “Internet Explorer” - “DSO Exploit” security error
IE-google.reg sets “Internet Explorer” -search to Google.com
IE-ProxyOFF.reg sets “Internet Explorer” - Connections Proxy server “OFF”
IE-ProxyON.reg sets “Internet Explorer” - Connections Proxy server “ON”
IeDeskIcon-NO.reg sets “Internet Explorer” - Desktop Icon - “NO”   (absent)
IeDeskIcon.reg sets “Internet Explorer” - Desktop Icon   (present)
JavaVM-Security-ZonedOFF.reg sets “Java Virtual Machine” Security - Zoned “OFF”
JavaVM-Security-ZonedON.reg sets “Java Virtual Machine” Security - Zoned “ON”
MaxServerConns-OEM.reg sets “Maximum Server Connections” - “OEM”
MaxServerConns-Opt.reg sets “Maximum Server Connections” - “Optimal”
OE-Store-TempFolder.reg “Outlook Express” - Store in Temporary Folder (“C:\\TEMP”)
RegDone-Set.reg Sets “Windows” “Registration” - “Done”
RegDone-Unset.reg Sets “Windows” Registration” - “Undone”
STARTUP.REG sets some of my current “Windows” start-up entries
UpdateMode.reg sets “Update Mode”
UsbPoll-Original.reg sets “USB Poll” to “Original”
UsbPoll-SetIdle.reg sets “USB Poll” to “Idle”
WaitStates-Oem.reg sets “Wait States” to “OEM”
WaitStates-Optimize.reg sets “Wait States” to Optimal
WebCheck.reg sets “Web Check” to “Yes”
WU-StepOff.reg sets “Windows Update” - “Step Mode” to “OFF”
WU-StepOn.reg sets “Windows Update” - “Step Mode” to “ON”
WURestore,K-K.reg Restores “Windows Update” (entries: “NoWindowsUpdate”, “WindowsUpdateAccess”, etc.),  by Kellys-Korner-xp.com
X_File-OpenWINWORD.reg sets “Unknown File” to Open with “WinWord(6)”

/data   (folder)

About-URLs.reg registry data: added for “About” URL’s
Acrobat5+.reg registry data: added for Acrobat5
FrontPageEx-Data.reg registry data: added for “Front Page Express”
HTM,etc.reg registry data: added for HTML files, etc.
MSI_not_MSInstaller.reg registry data: all entries for “MsI...”, that are NOT “MsInstaller”
MsInstaller(MsI.exe).reg registry data: added for “MsInstaller” (’MsInstaller.exe”)
Proxy-SetOFF+.reg registry data: added for “Internet Explorer” - set Connections Proxy server “OFF”
Proxy-SetON+.reg registry data: added for “Internet Explorer” - set Connections Proxy server “ON”
SwFlash7+.reg registry data: added for “Shockwave Flash 7”
WordPad+.reg registry data: added for “WordPad”

“JavaScript” files

REGISTRY-SampleScript,M$.JS Windows Registry - Sample Script, by Micro$oft
Windows98SerialKey-RegRead.js Windows 98 “SerialKey” script   (taken from “Windows 98 Serial Key” Visual Basic program, by AdminScriptEditor.com)
WindowsProductKey,PCTools.js WindowsProductKey script, by PCTools.com

“Visual Basic” files

(Un)RegisterDLL-OCX.vbs Un-Registers “DLL” and “OCX” files


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  • Then:  “Click” on it - Windows will automatically add the data to its “Registry”.
“JavaScript” files RIGHT- Click on the link:
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  • Then:  “Click” on it - Windows will run the program.
“Visual Basic” files


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