Necessary Files to use with Windows 98™

Micro$oft™ "Windows 98™" uses a number of complex "System Files" to control how WINDOWS works:  how it starts up ;  which settings files are automatically backed up each time it starts up;  and how it shuts down.

When you start up your computer, WINDOWS automatically runs the file "AUTOEXEC.BAT" contained in the "root directory" ("C:\", hard disk).  Commands in this batch file direct what is done in "MS-DOS" mode before WINDOWS actually starts.  With commands you list in this file, you can change or delete many WINDOWS files which you are blocked from changing while WINDOWS is running:  "Temporary Internet Files" folder & index; "History" folder & index; "Cookies" folder & index; etc.

When WINDOWS starts, it automatically runs the system program "ScanReg.exe" to make sure the system files are present and ready.  Each day, it also creates a "cabinet" compressed archive file containing copies of the system files listed in the file "SCANREG.INI":  such as "win.ini", "autoexec.bat", "config.sys", etc.  If any system files are found to be missing, WINDOWS will automatically restore them from the "cabinet" compressed archive files it has automatically saved in the System Backup folder.

To use any of the following files, "right click" and save them on your local disk.

AUTOEXEC.BAT C:\  (hard disk root directory) Runs automatically on computer startup.
User is given the choice (by hitting the "Y" key), for the program to delete extra WINDOWS system folders & files ("Temporary Internet Files" folder & index; "History" folder & index; "Cookies" folder & index; etc.).
When Windows starts: if any of these are missing, it creates new empty ones.
Cert&SignOff.reg (anywhere) A Registry import file to turn Certificates & Signatures off, when installing a downloaded program.
This is needed to install "Internet Explorer 6" from a local directory.
Cookies  (folder) WINDOWS\SYSBCKUP  (System Backup directory) A sample bare WINDOWS system folder & files (no "Cookies").
Keep this file in the System Backup directory -- so it will be available for "AUTOEXEC.BAT" during startup.
ExplorerViewStream.reg C:\WINDOWS  (WINDOWS directory) This file is used by "SHUTDOWN.BAT", after it has removed unneeded info from the WINDOWS system Registry.
ExportReg.BAT (anywhere) Run this to back up the WINDOWS system Registry as "Sys&User.reg".
(Saves that in the "WINDOWS" folder.)
KillCrap.reg C:\WINDOWS  (WINDOWS directory) "SHUTDOWN.BAT" (listed below) automatically uses this file to delete useless items contained in the WINDOWS system Registry.
KILL_WSF.BAT C:\  (hard disk root directory) Run this in "MS-DOS" mode when starting up, if you suspect problems have occurred with your WINDOWS system files.
It will delete the WINDOWS Registry files "SYSTEM.DAT" and "USER.DAT", and the WINDOWS system files "SYSTEM.INI" and "WIN.INI".
When you restart: WINDOWS will notice these files are missing, and will restore them from the latest Backup cabinet (via "ScanReg.exe" ).
KillRecent.bat (anywhere) Run this to empty the WINDOWS Recent file list.
SCANREG.INI C:\WINDOWS  (WINDOWS directory) Contains a list of all WINDOWS files to be automatically backed up daily (by "ScanReg.exe").
You may Edit & add to this list any files you want to have automatically backed up, every time Windows starts (in a "WINDOWS\SYSBCKUP Cabinet file).
SHUTDOWN.BAT C:\  (hard disk root directory) Designed to run when you want to shut down your computer.
It will first run "KILLCRAP.REG" to remove unnecessary WINDOWS Registry clutter;  back up the WINDOWS Registry in "text file" form (for automatic back up);  and process other files to be ready for the next startup.
SHUTDOWN.pif C:\WINDOWS\Desktop  (Desktop directory) Shortcut & WINDOWS’s batch information file for "SHUTDOWN.BAT".
Click on this when you want to shut down your computer. 

These files are all contained in the following “Zip” archive:

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