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Open With... | Windows95 | File Extensions |


General Information - 

To change the "Open With..." settings you do the following

1) Open File Explorer (not internet explorer
click Start | Programs | Windows Explorer |
2) on the top menu click | View | Folder Options |
3) Click the "File Types" tab on the top right corner of the window
4) using the down arrow on the keyboard, scroll one at a time and read the "File Type details" area on the bottom of the window. It will tell you which file extensions are used by that one selection highlighted on the upper part of the screen in the "Registered file types".
5) To change any selection, click the "Edit" Button
a) the "Edit File Type" window will open
b) click the "Open" selection in the "Actions" box on the lower half of the screen
c) click the Edit button on the bottom of the screen
d) in the "Application used to perform action" box type the appropriate link
the available links can be found at the File Extensions page.

The Windows 95 "Open With..." File Extensions -  ( also Windows 98 File Types )

Many of the common "File Extension" entries are shown below...

Extension Description Opens with
323 H.323 Internet Telephony "rundll32.exe" msconf.dll
386 Virtual Device Drivers
ACC ACC file imgcomp.exe
ACR ACR-NEMA medical image file
ADB Media Manager Annotation Database
AIF Sound Clip (AIFF) rundll32.exe amovie.ocx,RunDll
AIFC Sound Clip (AIFF) rundll32.exe amovie.ocx,RunDll
AIFF Sound Clip (AIFF) rundll32.exe amovie.ocx,RunDll
ALX HTML layout msdev.exe
AMS Media Manager Folder explorer.exe
ANI Animated Cursor
ARC DOS compression file
ART First Publisher Art image iexplore.exe
ASC Image viewer
ASP Front Page Active Server Pages fpeditor.exe
AU Sound Clip (Basic) rundll32.exe amovie.ocx,RunDll
AVI Video Clip rundll32.exe amovie.ocx,RunDll
AWX Custom AppWizard
AVR Sound Files
BAS Visual Basic Module vb5.exe
BFC Briefcase File explorer.exe
BMP Bitmap graphic file, Microsoft picture format MSPAINT.EXE
BSC Browser Information
CDA CD Audio Track cdplayer.exe -play
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
CLP Clipboard clip clipbrd.exe
CLS Visual Basic Class Module vb5.exe
CMD Windows NT Command Script [executable]
CNF SpeedDial rundll32.exe msconf.dll,OpenConfLink
CNT Help Contents File HCW.EXE
COM MS-DOS Application [executables]
CPL Control Panel rundll32.exe shell32.dll
CPT Corel PhotoPaint photopnt.exe
CRT Internet Security Certificate (x-x509-ca-cert) rundll32.exe
CSB Corel Script Binary SCEDIT.EXE
CSI Corel Script Include SCEDIT.EXE
CSV Excel Comma Seperated Values File excel.exe
CTL Visual Basic User Control vb5.exe
CTX Visual Basic User Control Binary File
CUR Cursor
DAT Word Perfect Merge Data
DCX DCX image document WangImg.Exe
DER Internet Security Certificate (x-x509-ca-cert) rundll32.exe
DIB DIB image imgcomp.exe
DIF Excel Data Interchange Format excel.exe
DOB Visual Basic User Document vb5.exe
DOX Visual Basic User Document Binary File
DRV Device Driver
DSM Developer Studio Macro msdev.exe
DSN MS OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
DSP Project File msdev.exe
DSR Visual Basic Designer Module vb5.exe
DSW Project Workspace msdev.exe
DSX Visual Basic Designer Binary File
DTQ Query.files msdev.exe
ENC MPEG Movie Clip rundll32.exe amovie.ocx,RunDll
EVY Envoy Document ENVOY7.EXE
EXE Executable files [executables]
FAV Outlook Bar Shortcuts outlook.exe
FND Saved Search Explorer.exe
FON Font File fontview.exe
FRM Visual Basic Form files vb5.exe
FRM Word Perfect Form Merge file
GED Micrografx Simply 3D project S3D2.exe
GRA Microsoft Graph 97 Chart GRAPH5.EXE
GRP MS Program Group grpconv.exe
HLP Help File winhlp32.exe
HPJ Help Project File HCW.EXE
HT Hyper Terminal File HYPERTRM.EXE
HTM Hypertext document Netscape.exe / iexplore.exe
HTML Hypertext document Netscape.exe / iexplore.exe
HTX IDC results file fpeditor.exe
ICO Icon
IDB MS Dev File msdev.exe
IDC Internet Database Connector fpidcwiz.exe
III Intel Iphone Compatible "rundll32.exe" msconf.dll
ILK MS Dev File msdev.exe
INF Setup Information NOTEPAD.EXE
INI Configuration Settings NOTEPAD.EXE
IQY Microsoft Excel Web Query File notepad.exe
IVT InfoViewer Title
JAVA Java Source file msdev.exe, ...
JPE JPEG image
JOB Scheduler Job Object
JPG JPEG Picture format
JS JavaScript Source File
LAM Netscape LiveAudio Metafile mplay32.exe
LDB Microsoft Access Record Locking
LLC Laplink Saved Connection File LapLink.exe
LLX Laplink Xchange Agent LapLink.exe
M1V MPEG Movie Clip rundll32.exe amovie.ocx,RunDll
MAD Microsoft Access Module Shortcut MSACCESS.EXE
MAF Microsoft Access Form Shortcut MSACCESS.EXE
MAK Visual Basic File
MAM Microsoft Access Macro Shortcut MSACCESS.EXE
MAQ Microsoft Access Query Shortcut MSACCESS.EXE
MAR Microsoft Access Report shortcut MSACCESS.EXE
MAT Microsoft Access Table Shortcut MSACCESS.EXE
MDA Microsoft Access Add-in MSACCESS.EXE
MDB Microsoft Access Database MSACCESS.EXE
MDE Microsoft Access MDE Database MSACCESS.EXE
MDN Microsoft Access Blank Database MSACCESS.EXE
MDP Project Workspace msdev.exe
MDT Microsoft Access Add-in Data MSACCESS.EXE
MDZ Microsoft Access Wizard MSACCESS.EXE
MDW Microsoft Access Workgroup Information MSACCESS.EXE
MFQ Media Manager Query cmsfndu.exe
MIC Image Composer Document imgcomp.exe
MID MIDI Sequence (audio/x-mid) mplay32.exe
MMM Media Clip mplay32.exe
MOV QuickTime Movie player.exe
MP2 MPEG Movie Clip rundll32.exe amovie.ocx,RunDll
MPA MPEG Movie Clip rundll32.exe amovie.ocx,RunDll
MPE MPEG Movie Clip rundll32.exe amovie.ocx,RunDll
MSG Outlook Item outlook.exe
NSC Netscape Conference Call File NSConf32.ex
OBD Microsoft Office Binder binder.exe
OBJ Object File, Compilers
OBT MS Office Binder Template binder.exe
OBZ MS Office Binder Wizard binder.exe
ODL Object Definition Language File msdev.exe
OFN Other Office Documents... OSA.EXE
OFT Outlook Item Template outlook.exe
OPW MS Organization Chart 1.0 ORGCHART.EXE
OPX MS Organization Chart 2.0 ORGCHART.EXE
OSS Office Search finder.exe
PAG Visual Basic Property Page vb5.exe
PBK Dial-up phonebook rasphone.exe
PCH MS Dev File msdev.exe
PCX Picture format
PDB MS Dev File msdev.exe
PDL Hijaak Draw hjdraw.exe
PDW Hijaak Draw hjdraw.exe
PFM Type 1 Font file fontview.exe
PGX Visual Basic Property Page Binary File
PIC JPEG image
PKG Microsoft Developer Extension
PMA Performance Monitor File (application/x-perfmon) perfmon.exe
PNG PhotoEd.exe -
POT MS PowerPoint Template ( powerpnt.exe
PPA MS PowerPoint Addin ( powerpnt.exe
PPS MS PowerPoint SlideShow ( powerpnt.exe
PPT MS PowerPoint Presentation (x-mspowerpoint) PowerPnt.exe
PT Kodak Precision Transform
PWZ MS PowerPoint Wizard ( powerpnt.exe
QRY QRY File msquery.exe
QUE Scheduler Queue Object
RA RealMedia File realplay.exe
RAM RealMedia File realplay.exe
RC Resource Template msdev.exe
RCT Resource Template msdev.exe
REG Registration Entries regedit.exe
RES MS Dev File msdev.exe
RM RealMedia File realplay.exe
RMI Media Clip mplay32.exe
RNK Dial-up Shortcut rasphone.exe
RPT Crystal Reports CRW32.EXE
RTF Rich Text Format Winword.exe
RTS RTSL Documents realplay.exe
S3D Micrografx Simply 3D project S3D2.exe
SCR Screen Saver rundll32.exe
SHB Shortcut into a document shscrap.dll,OpenScrap_RunDLL
SHS Scrap object shscrap.dll,OpenScrap_RunDLL
SLK Microsoft Excel SLK Data Import Format excel.exe
SMD SMP DaemonDocument VOD.EXE (oracle)
SND Sound Clip (Basic) rundll32.exe amovie.ocx,RunDll
SPL ShockwaveFlash Object
SWF ShockwaveFlash Object
SYS System File
TEX Corel Texture document TEXTURE.EXE
TGA TGA Image PhotoEd.exe
TIF TIF Image Document (image/tiff)
TLB Type Library
TTF TrueType Font file fontview.exe
TXT Text File
UIN ICQ user ICQ.exe
ULS Internet Location Service "rundll32.exe" msconf.dll,NewMediaPhone
URL Internet Shortcut rundll32.exe url.dll,OpenURL
UUE Uuencoded file encoded ascii
VBG Visual Basic Group Project vb5.exe
VBL Visual Basic Control License File
VBP Visual Basic Project vb5.exe
VBZ Visual Basic Wizard vb5.exe
VML Oracle Lock Manager Document VML.EXE
VMS Oracle TopSessions Document VMS.EXE
VOC Oracle Enterprise Manager Document VOC.EXE
VSD VISIO 4 Drawing Visio32.EXE
VSS VISIO 4 Drawing Visio32.EXE
VST VISIO 4 Drawing Visio32.EXE
VSW VISIO 4 Drawing Visio32.EXE
WAV Wave Sound (audio/x-wav) sndrec32.exe, mplay32.exe
WCM Word Perfect Macro
WD2 Info Select File Is.exe
WHT MS NetMeeting Whiteboard Document WB32.EXE
WKS Lotus Worksheet File also WK1 through WK9
WMF Windows Meta File
WPD Word Perfect Document
QPG Wordperfect Graphic File
WPT Word Perfect Template
wq1 Quattro Pro Spreadsheet File
WRI Windows Write Document WORDPAD.EXE
WRL VRML 3D Geometry Netscape.exe, iexplore.exe
WRZ VRML 3D Geometry Netscape.exe, iexplore.exe
WT Text Document NOTEPAD.EXE
XAB Microsoft Mail address book
XBM Netscape Hypertext Document netscape.exe
XIF XIF Image Document [Image Viewers]
XLA MS Excel Add-in excel.exe
XLB Microsoft Excel Worksheet Backup excel.exe
XLC MS Excel Chart excel.exe
XLD MS Excel Dialog Sheet
XLK MS Excel Backup File excel.exe
XLL Microsoft Excel XLL Add-In excel.exe
XLM Microsoft Excel excel.exe
XLS Microsoft Excel Worksheet excel.exe
XLT Microsoft Excel Template excel.exe
XLV Microsoft Excel VBA Module
XLW Microsoft Excel Workspace excel.exe
XNK Exchange shortcut outlook.exe
xxe Xxencoded file (encoded ascii)
ZIP Pkzip Compressed File



Utility Program for changing File Type / File Extension Association "Open With..." entries. - by ZDnet




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