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Frequently Asked Questions
Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition

Revision - 2.5

Windows 98

Q: When was Windows 98 released?
A: Windows 98 was officially released on June 25th 1998.

Q: Will I be able to upgrade to Windows 98 from Windows NT 4.0?
A: No. The Windows 98 upgrade is only designed to upgrade from Windows 95. Installing Windows 98 over Windows NT will be considered as downgrading. To upgrade Windows NT 4.0, you will need to upgrade to Windows NT 5.0.

Q: Will it be easy to upgrade from Windows 3.1 or Windows 95?
A: Yes. There's one easy-to-use pack for upgrading from Microsoft Windows version 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows for Workgroups version 3.2x. Also, Windows 98 is backward compatible with Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and the MS-DOS® operating systems.

Q: What is new in Windows 98?
A: First of all, Internet Explorer 4.0 is integrated as a component of Windows 98 just like Internet Explorer 3.0 to OSR2. There is also a built-in TV tuner, a better Dial-Up Network and a system shield called Dr.Watson which prevents crashes ensuring a better and smoother environment. For more information, go to the articles section.

Q: Is Windows 98 faster?
A: Although Microsoft makes no guarantees that general system performance will increase after installing Windows 98, many users have seen an improvement after upgrading from Windows 95 + IE4.0.

In addition, with the help of FAT32 and the updated Disk Defragmenter, you should see a noticeable improvement in application loading times. Shutdown times and startup times (if your computer supports OnNow) have also been reduced.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements?
A: 486DX / 66 MHz
    16 MB of memory
    Typical installation requires approximately 195 MB of free hard disk space,
    but may range between 120 MB to 295 MB, depending on your system configuration and the options you choose to install.
    CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive (3.5" high-density disks available for additional charge).
    VGA or higher-resolution monitor.
    Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.

Q: Do I need to purchase the full edition to do a clean install ?
A: No, you can do a clean install on the upgrade edition if you own the previous Windows Operating System (95 or 3.X), you will be asked to insert a number of your old disks or a CD for proof of purchase.

Q: Does Windows 98 supports FAT32?
A: Yes, Windows 98 was designed to run smoothly under FAT32.

Q: Where has Microsoft FAX gone off to?
A: Outlook Express cannot use Microsoft FAX, so it is not installed by default - you can however install it yourself via the Windows 98 CD in the following CD Directory - tools/oldwin95/message/us/awfax.exe.

Q: Is the Windows 98 interface the same as the Windows 95 interface?
A: The interfaces are similar. But the Windows 98 interface is more like a Web browser. So you can use the same navigation and viewing techniques whether you're searching your hard disk or the Internet. Most of these options can be adjusted or switched off to resemble Windows 95.

Q: My partition currently does not support FAT32. Does that mean I cannot install Windows 98?
A: Don't worry. Windows 98 setup will have an FAT16-to-FAT32 conversion process. This means you can install Windows 98 on a non-FAT32 partition or drive and setup can give you the option to automatically convert it into FAT32. However, Windows 98 will run fine on FAT16.

Q: Will I be able to dual-boot in Windows 98?
A: Yes. You might want to try some other third-party software to do this.

Q: Will my Windows 95 software run under Windows 98?
A: Yes. Almost all software designed for Windows 95 will run well (sometimes even better) under Windows 98. There are a few cases with various utility programs in which you will need to check the companies website for an update.

Q: Does Windows 98 include Multi-Monitor support?
A: With Windows 98, you can use more than one monitor at a time. You can spread out your work (and play) across your monitors, just as you might spread out papers across your desk. With multiple monitors, you can simultaneously get different views of a file, work on multiple files in the same application, or run multiple applications.

Here are examples of things you can do using two or more monitors with Windows 98:

  • Easily integrate information from different files by dragging and dropping it across monitors.
  • Watch TV on one monitor while you work on another.
  • Get two views of a game, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator cockpit view and tower view, simultaneously.
  • Use two monitors for Web development in two screen resolutions.

Each monitor you use needs its own video card. You can change the settings of the monitors independently.

Q: I thought that Windows 98 comes with a new TweakUI?
A: It sure does - It is included on the CD under Tools/ResKit/Powertoy. (TweakUI does not appear on the Windows98SE CD, you can download it here)

Q: How do applications launch faster with Windows 98?
A: Windows 98 features Disk Defragmenter as part of its Windows Maintenance Wizard. Disk Defragmenter keeps track of the applications you use most, and puts the files needed to run those applications together on your hard disk and in the order needed for launching them. As a result, Windows 98 is able to launch your applications up to 36% faster.

Q: When will I be able to watch TV on my Windows 98 based PC?
A: As soon as you install a compatible TV tuner card and hook up an antenna or cable TV. Web TV® for Windows and TV Viewer are included in Windows 98, as is Program Guide, which you can use to find out when programs are on and set reminders to tune in. Windows 98 lets you watch TV full screen, in a window, or on a second monitor as you work in another application.

Q: When Fixes or Upgrades come out for Windows 98 - will they be in the form of a Service Pack?
A: Yes. Various smaller updates will be released on the Windows Update website though.

Q: How can I get the latest drivers and system updates for Windows 98?
A: You can access new drivers, system updates, and technical support for Windows 98 through Windows Update, an online extension of Windows 98 for registered users. You should also check your Graphic card and soundcard makers website for the latest available drivers.

  • The Web site is revised regularly to keep up with system improvements.
  • When you visit Windows Update, Update Wizard scans your computer, tells you which (if any) of the latest offerings you don't have, and asks whether you want to add them.
  • Windows Update keeps track of what you add so you can easily uninstall it later.

Q: I had problems installing Windows 95 over Windows 3.1. Will it be easier to install Windows 98 over Windows 95?
A: Yes. Upgrade Wizard will walk you through the upgrade process and help you solve problems right away. Also, the Plug-and-Play driver library has been expanded to diminish potential hardware problems.

Q: Will my DOS games and programs run under Windows 98?
A: Yes. Just like Windows 95, DOS programs and games will still run well.

Q: Can Windows 98 run DVDs?
A: Yes. Windows 98 has built-in support for digital video disc (DVD) drives. One DVD can hold about 15 times more information than a CD. An entire movie - with full-motion video and lush surround sound - can fit on just one disk.

Note: Windows 98 own DVD Player does not have great support for a variety of DVD Decoder cards - only a couple are currently supported, this will change in both the SP 1 and OSR releases. You can however purchase any number of DVD Software Decoders such as XingDVD or Power DVD for a small charge, these programs allow you to watch DVD movies without the need of purchasing a DVD Hardware Decoder card.

Q: Recently upgraded to Win98 now I notice that the system will hang on the "Windows is shutting down" splash screen indefinitely, with no disk activity.
A: Disable Fast Shut-Down
    **You should be off-line to do this**

1.)Open ' Start ' menu and select ' Run '
2.)In the field type without the quotes "msconfig"
3.)From the System Configuration Utility, on the ' General ' tab
        select the ' Advanced ' button
4.)Enable by checking off the box next to ' Disable Fast Shutdown'
5.)Click ' OK ' on that tab and also on the next.
6.)Click on ' Yes ' in order to reboot.

Q: How do I uninstall Internet Explorer 4 from Windows 98?
A: You can't - Internet Explorer 4 is the shell for Windows 98. You don't have to use the browser - Netscape or any other browser will install just fine on Windows 98.

Q: My Windows 98 CD is scratched and broken, how do I go about getting a new one?
A: Contact your computer manufacturer if it came with your computer or if it is from MS, call 1 800 426 9400.

Q: Can you install DirectX 6.0 onto Windows 98?
A: Yes you can - go to and follow the links to the DirectX Core Components as these are the only ones you can install on Windows 98, or just load up Windows Updated and download it from there.

Q: Does Windows 98 include antivirus software?
A: No, but Microsoft Plus! 98—a separate package of enhancements and extras for Windows 98-includes McAfee antivirus software and six months of updates.

Q: Does Windows 98 have Dual Processor Support?
A: No, only Windows NT currently supports Dual Processors.

Q: How can I copy files from win98 cdrom onto hard drive so that when I re-install win98 I can point it to hard drive and NOT have to use win98 cdrom?
A: New Installation:
Simply copy the win98 folder to your hard drive. Run setup from the copied folder and that's all there is to it.

Already Installed:
If you have already installed win98, copy the folder anyhow then when an installation file needs a file from the cd, browse it to your copied folder.

Remember to keep your product key which is on your cd cover, so even if you don’t need the cd to install you need the product key on the cd rom cover.

Q: Is there an option in Dial-up Networking in Windows 98 where it will automatically redial a number if the number is busy?
A: Yes, Open DUN, and click "Connections", "Settings". You'll see the redial options there.

Q: Is it safe to install Internet Explorer 5 over Windows 98?
A: Yes it is.

NOTE: First and foremost - Uninstall any beta releases of the browsers - although it isn't compulsory, it is better to do so.

For tips and tricks on Internet Explorer 5 - check

Q: When will Service Pack 1 be released, what does it contain and how big will the download be?
A: There will be a Service Pack 1 release for Windows 98 in the very near future.

Q: Whenever I try to shut down to MS-DOS I get a blue screen error - what is wrong?
A: It is likely that you have run into the USB problems that Windows 98 has brought with it. If you have a USB device plugged into your computer (Gamepads etc) then sometimes, when you shut down into DOS - Windows 98 will give you a blue screen error, that only a reboot can fix. The work around is to unplug the USB device before rebooting.

Q: Is Windows 2000 the next version of Windows 9*?
A: NO - Windows 2000 is the next version of Windows NT and will come in many different packages. A new version of Windows 9* is due in the Year 2000.

Windows 98 Second Edition - Specific

Q: Where can I order Windows 98 Second Edition?
A: You can order it directly from Microsoft -

Q: Is Windows 98 Second Edition Going To Be Available For Download?
A: No - But a Service Pack 1 release for Windows 98 will be available for download in the very near future and will include most of the bug fixes that were included in the Windows 98 Second Edition Release.

Q: Can I use the Windows 98 Upgrade to Windows 98 Second Edition to do a clean install of Windows 98 Second Edition?
A: No - You must have Windows 98 Gold installed.

Q: I am seeing a strange 4-5 seconds slow down just after my taskbar and start up programs load, what is causing this, as I cannot click on anything until the 4-5 seconds have passed?
A: Currently we have no clue as to what is causing this as it isn't happening for everyone. We are working hard to find out what is causing it. Update: On bootup the TSRQuery is taking far too long to load up for some people.

Q: Does Windows 98 SE include the Active Desktop?
A: Yes. The Active Desktop component has been included as part of Internet Explorer 5.

Q: Are there any updates for Windows 98 Second Edition available?
A: Yes. Netmeeting 3.0 is already out of date - you can download Netmeeting 3.01 Final right now.

Q: Where is Tweak UI on the Windows 98 Second Edition CD?
A: Tweak UI is no longer allowed to be placed on the Windows 98 CD due to complaints from OEM's that users have been messing up their settings with it. You can download it right here though if you really need it.


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