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Thank you for visiting Cirrus Logic online. We produce integrated circuits (chips) for consumer entertainment electronics, automotive entertainment and industrial product applications.

Please note that we do not manufacture PC video cards, PC audio cards or modems, and we do not support these products. If you are seeking support for a PC audio or video product or a PCMCIA card, you must contact the manufacturer. We will not be able to assist you.

If you don't know the manufacturer of your Cirrus- or Crystal-based product (Crystal Semiconductor was purchased by Cirrus Logic in 1991), you can locate your manufacturer through the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) number, which should be printed on the card itself. This number will appear with FCC ID and the # sign followed by a 17-digit number. The first three characters are all that you need to find your manufacturer; search the FCC database at

As a convenience to you, we offer an archive of all our available generic audio and Ethernet drivers at We do not provide end-user driver support, and we do not take responsibility for the performance of any drivers, which may have been modified for individual products by the product manufacturer.

In order to use these generic drivers, you need to know the Cirrus or Crystal brand part number your audio or Ethernet subsystem is based on. If you do not know the part number, contact the manufacturer of your bundled PC for that information and additional support.

Our line of modem products is now owned and supported by Intel. Please contact them at if you need drivers or support for a modem product.

If you purchased an Intel motherboard that uses a Crystal chipset and need driver or installation help, call Intel Tech Support at 1-800-628-8686.

The company that owned our graphics technology (ISDCorp) is no longer in the graphics business. If you need graphics drivers, has some drivers for our old graphics chips.

If you are seeking Windows-based audio drivers, visit the Microsoft Web site ( and do a Search. In many cases, the drivers are available on this Web site.

If none of the above addresses your needs, you might try; they have many Cirrus Logic drivers listed.

We hope that this information will prove useful to you.



Cirrus Logic

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Request: Request Info on Cirrus Logic 5434 Display Driver. Updated Driver if available, and troubleshooting info. ( I seem to have a monitor color / width problem. )